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Who is Maggie Pink...?

Who Do You Think You Are, Maggie Pink?


Maggie is a mother to a stroppy teenager, a wife to a befuddled husband, and a daughter to two very different women.  She has always known she’s adopted, but has she ever understood what that means? Not really. 

Following the death of her mother, Maggie finally feels able to go in search of her birth mother Morag, and heads to the Highlands of Scotland with her disgruntled daughter Roxie in tow, leaving her crumbling marriage to worry about another day.

The family reunion is bittersweet, but everything is blown wide open when Roxie unearths Morag’s explosive teenage diaries. Why did Morag give Maggie away? What really happened all those years ago, and how have the echoes of the past resounded through the generations, like ripples in a puddle?

And when all the secrets and promises are out in the open, will Maggie finally have an answer to the question – who do you think you are Maggie Pink?

In turns funny, heart-breaking, nostalgic and utterly compelling, one thing’s for sure, Maggie Pink’s story will stay with you forever… 

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