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Official Website of Best Selling Author    JANET HOGGARTH
Official Website of Best Selling Author    JANET HOGGARTH
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Other books by janet


Two sisters, one dilemma. Bella is very sick with a rare blood disorder, and finds out her secret sister, Willow, might hold the key to her recovery. While Willow is desperate for a bigger family, Bella can think of nothing worse and would rather die than accept Willow’s help. Can Willow overcome her sister’s hatred in order to bravely donate her bone marrow, uniting her blended family and melting Bella’s heart?

Daisy didn’t know about the time portal in the PE cupboard – she didn’t mean to travel to 1985 to go to school with her teenage mum who’d died in a car accident. Now she has a chance to warn her, but changing the past could jeopardise Daisy’s existence. Can she and ex-best friend, Izzy, get back to the future without causing any black holes? Or has Daisy got other plans that might change things, for ever...?
Gaby is devastated when her best friend, Emily, dies. She checks out of life and becomes a recluse. But what are the feathers that keep appearing in weird places, and why can she hear voices? Emily dramatically returns as Gaby’s secret Guardian Angel and things looks up as she throws herself back into her old life. Gaby can't imagine ever saying goodbye to her Guardian Angel but with Emily's help she begins to see that a new life is full of possibility, and that the most amazing friendship might be just around the corner.
Think you know everything about taking photos? There might be some stuff you don’t know so check out this Expert’s Guide with professional advice on composition, how to get the most out of a camera phone and what apps are the best for you. Soon you’ll be the expert!
Janet says, "This is the first book I ever wrote – and I did it with my brother. Filled with puzzles, jokes (yes I made them up!) and a lot of stupid (and sometimes insightful) information about holes, it’s ideal for long summer holidays or time away from a screen"
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